Our water is bottled right at the source where Ice Age glaciers created the aquafier that produces our water. At Green Life Alkaline Water, our springs are monitored constantly to ensure that the initial water quality remains unchanged.

Why Choose GreenLife Akaline Water?

Bottled in Northern Wisconsin

PH factor of 7.8 - 8.01
That is the the highest all natural alkaline mineral spring water manufactured in America with NO chemicals. Fiji Water has a pH factor of only 7.4*  That makes GreenLife Akaline Water "healther" for your body ... Period!!



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Only the Highest Quality

Inside our plant, water is UV treated, micron filtered and bottled in a specialty designed clean room to ensure the highest quality level.

300 PPM Mineral Count
This gives our water a unique and refreshing taste. GreenLife Alkaline Water contains 100% All Natural Electrolytes making it the ULTIMATE Smart Water!!

Available in 24-count cases of BPA free 16.9 oz. bullete style bottles in your choice of 100% Recyclable PET (#22906) or Eco-Friendly Biodegradable (#22911).

"Follow the Heart"

Byhalia Exxon
525 Hwy 309 South

Wholesale Nutrition Center
336 Goodman Road

Memphis (Continued)
Marathon Food Mart
4999 East Shelby Dr.

Marathon Stop -N- Go
4135 Riverdale Rd.

Marathon Gas-N-Snack
3380 Winchester

Shell Gas - N- Snack
1890 South Third St.

The Green Crow Company LLC
1206 Dorothy Place

Wrapzody Deli & Desserts
99 North Main St.

1171 Chelsea Ave.

Champion Pharmacy
2369 Elvis Presley Blvd.

City Market Downtown
66 South Main St.

City Market Cooper
836 South Cooper

Good Life Honey Suckle
Natural Health Foods

3364 Poplar Ave.

Lamar Corner Market
1796 Lamar Ave

Marathon Fill -N- Go
2260 Elvis Presley Blvd.